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Click, Ship, Save.

ClickShip is an innovative easy-to-use shipping solution for eCommerce professionals that manages your shipping and fulfillment process and provides exclusive discounted shipping rates.

No Credit Card Required.

Level Up Your eCommerce Shipping

Exceptional shipping rates. Unparalleled service options. The best carriers in the industry. The tools you need to take your business to the next level!

ClickShip puts them at your fingertips.

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated customer support
No Credit Card Required.

Let Us Help You with Your eCommerce Growth.

Introducing ClickShip An All-in-One eCommerce Solution!

Running multiple eCommerce stores and being in charge of marketing, shipping and communications with your customers can be tough. We know that managing all this and more is a major pain point for many small-to-medium sized businesses.

What these businesses need is a consolidated platform where they can manage all their shipping and fulfillment in one place.

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Connecting All Your Sales Channels in One Place

Multichannel sales strategies are essential in today’s eCommerce landscape. ClickShip gives you the power to integrate your marketplaces and storefronts under a single, unified platform.

No integration? No Problem! ClickShip’s manual shipment option lets you book shipments however fits your business needs.


The Power of the World’s Best Carriers

Your customers expect the best. Your business deserves it, and ClickShip delivers it. We partner with the most reputable parcel and pallet carriers in the industry to make sure your shipping is consistently top-notch.

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The Ultimate eCommerce Shipping Toolkit

Get access to a variety of tools and features such as Real-Time Rates at checkout, bulk shipping capabilities, fulfillment automation tools like OnePrint, Smart Packaging, and so much more!

Full Transparency at Every Step

From booking to shipping, real-time tracking to invoicing, you stay informed and in control at all times. And with no startup or hidden fees you only ever pay for the shipping services you use.

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We Scale with Your Business

ClickShip is designed to help your business grow, and with ClickShip Add-Ons you can rest assured that our shipping and fulfillment services will keep pace with you at every stage.

No Credit Card Required.
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Increased Efficiency and Reduced Overhead

In Business, Time is Money. We Help You Take Back Both.

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Real-Time Rates at Checkout

ClickShip’s carrier shipping rates are live, real-time rates, ensuring you get the best available pricing with every booking.


OnePrint by ClickShip

Save up to 60 seconds of processing time on every single order with this innovative bulk document printing feature.

Order Fulfillment Optimization

ClickShip Gets Your Products From Cart to Courier Even Faster.

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Smart Packaging Solution

Our Smart Packaging solution saves you time and packaging costs by automatically recommending the best packaging solution for every order.

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Bulk Shipping

Process as many as 100 orders at once across all your sales channels and get all your day’s shipments booked in minutes.

Tools and Features for Marketing and Growth

Grow Your Brand Without Blowing Your Budget.


Omni-Channel Integration

Utilize ClickShip’s suite of shipping and fulfillment tools across multiple sales channels on a single, centralized platform.

Custom Branding

Edit your labels, tracking page, and emails to reflect your unique brand and stand out to your customers.


Ready to Try ClickShip?

Don’t hesitate! Get the power of discounted shipping rates, a fully automated shipping management system and seamless integration with your online marketplaces today!

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated customer support
No Credit Card Required.
Customer Dashboard
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Customer Testimonials

“The app gives me access to super affordable shipping rates”

“The app gives me access to super affordable shipping rates that I would have never otherwise had. I can ship to the US from Canada and offer rates lower than what stores in the US even offer.

Website is well made and is often being updated.”

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“I highly recommend this app.”

“This app has improved our shipping costs to the customers 100%. To be able to have LTL loads with live cost is amazing.“

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“We’ve saved so much money using ClickShip’s rates.”

ClickShip has been a major game changer! I would definitely recommend it to any small business!