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New Year, New Look, New ClickShip

New Year, New Look, New ClickShip


The new year is often a time for resolutions, and here at ClickShip we’ve resolved to be even better for our customers in 2022! In fact, we’ve already made some amazing changes that mean big improvements to the eCommerce shipping platform you know and love.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways that ClickShip is making your eCommerce shipping experience better than ever!



New Dashboard Features

You no longer have to worry about keeping track of your orders! Our updated dashboard gives you real-time updates on all your unfulfilled orders, lists all your scheduled pickups for the day, and lets you view your plan and billing status all on the same page!

In addition, you can now view the order details on your recent shipments directly from the dashboard, and even keep up to date with the latest shipping news with our blog feed!


Process Manual Shipments Easier

Say goodbye to manual shipment mishaps! We’ve moved manual shipment creation to its own dedicated page, eliminating the chance of accidentally dismissing your shipments mid-creation. You can now also view your shipment details easily by simply clicking your shipment ID after purchasing your label.


Revamped Menu Navigation

We’ve streamlined the menu to make your experience easier than ever! The new compact design now has Shipping Preference, Custom Branding, Shipping Rules, and Locations all under the Settings menu. We changed the Boxes option to Boxes & Pallets to reflect our LTL at Checkout functionality, and now you can view your unfulfilled orders quickly and easily from the Orders link.


Quick Quotes

Want an even faster way to get your orders processed? Say hello to the new Quick Quotes link! Simply click the link in the top-right menu and access all your saved quotes in one place!


Marketplace and Store Options Together at Last

Selling on multiple channels? Forget the hassle of jumping back and forth between your Store and Marketplace settings! We’ve combined the Store Preferences and Edit Marketplaces pages to help you manage all your sales channels in one place.


Ready to See It in Action?

Excited to give these new updates a spin? Well, we have good news for you. Simply log into your ClickShip account, and you’re ready to get started!

Log In and Take a Tour


If you’re new to ClickShip or have been on the fence about giving it a try, there’s never been a better time than now!

ClickShip’s all-in-one, multimode shipping platform gives you the power to offer real-time rates on LTL and parcel shipping directly at checkout, and the ability to choose from North America’s leading carriers, all in one place, and all with zero startup or monthly fees!

Contact one of our shipping experts Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST at 1-877-335-8740 or by email at customercare@ClickShip.com and experience the most complete eCommerce shipping experience!




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