Three eCommerce Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Posted on May 18, 2022 11:24:03 AM by Victoria Webb

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At ClickShip we understand it may be daunting when first looking into starting or growing your own business. The ability to start and grow your own business successfully online goes beyond offering quality products. Entrepreneurs need to learn the basics of business by seeking to expand their knowledge at every opportunity. Thanks to technology continuously evolving there is a wealth of information that is being provided by industry experts who have learned from their own past success and failures.

Following the advice of those who have come before you can help anyone faced with a new, potentially uncomfortable situation. With that in mind, we have put together a list of the top three eCommerce books that we at ClickShip would recommend to you that will help you on the road to success in your own eCommerce business.

Seven Highly Effective People


1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

By Stephen R. Covey


When running an eCommerce business you must be mindful of the time, energy, and resources spent on making big decisions. Throughout his internationally bestselling book, Author Stephen R. Covey shares a principle-centered approach to help readers focus on moving from dependence to independence to master the art of self-discipline.

Covey introduces the concept to readers that everyone has different perspectives. It is through these different perspectives that we can all share different approaches, interpretations, assumptions and meanings with others. Throughout his book, readers learn about the importance of being proactive, creating priorities, envisioning the future, being open-minded and empathetic to others, especially when working in a team setting.

Covey emphasizes that it is through building daily habits that are balanced that one will begin to see change and growth occur. You may not know what the future holds, but you can control the way you act now and that starts with creating effective habits.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to realize the impacts our decisions, actions, thoughts, and feelings have on creating habits and routines. Developing bad habits can stagnant a business and have a massive impact on your own career.


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Source: The Power of Habit Review


How to Start and Grow an eCommerce Business

2. How to Start and Grow an eCommerce Business: Answering the Five Fundamental Questions of eCommerce & Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap

By Charles Camisasca


In this beginner’s guide, Author Charles Camisasca introduces eCommerce entrepreneurs to a broad range of topics that are essential to help get your online business up and running. Camisasca breaks his guide into five fundamental topic sections:

1. What Product Will I Sell?

2. How Will I Produce My Product?

3. How Will I Deliver My Product to My Customers?

4. Who Is My Ideal Customer, Anyway?

5. How Do I Convince Customers to Become a Repeat Buyer & Share Reviews?

Under each topic section, Camisasca goes more in-depth and provides detailed information that will help to assist you in setting up your own eCommerce business. As an entrepreneur, you will learn to find the best business model for your eCommerce strategy, understand your target audience, learn how to further develop your business, and much more.


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eCommerce Evolved

3. eCommerce Evolved: The Essential Playbook To Build, Grow & Scale a Successful eCommerce Business

By Tanner Larsson


Author Tanner Larsson is a highly successful serial entrepreneur that has started, co-founded, built, sold, bankrupted and/or scaled over two dozen different eCommerce businesses in his career. Larsson has produced millions of dollars in revenue from his own eCommerce companies and has produced over $700 million USD in revenue for the eCommerce brands he has partnered with and/or advertised.

Throughout his career, he has experienced different eCommerce businesses at different stages during their life cycles. His book “eCommerce Evolved” has sold over 70,000 copies since it was first published back in November of 2016. The book has been called the “eCommerce Bible” by many readers as he shares his own experiences and teaches others how to start, build, grow and expand their business which has changed the lives of many of his readers.


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