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Upgrade Your Customer Experience with ClickShip Advanced Custom Branding



We’ve made some pretty big changes to the ClickShip platform in recent months, from our improved dashboard to our enhanced fulfillment capabilities, and now we’re doing even more to help you enhance your eCommerce presence.

We’re very proud of our custom branding service, and its capabilities to make your eCommerce storefronts and marketplaces stand out. We also know that more can be done to add a layer to the customer experience that can put your brand head and shoulders above the rest.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce our new Advanced Custom Branding! Let’s take a look and see what this new feature can do to take your brand from great to outstanding.


Upgraded Brand Settings

Veteran ClickShippers are aware of the ability to customize their shipping labels, packing slips, and emails by adding their brand logo to each. While this certainly offers a level of brand recognition, Advanced Custom Branding takes it to a whole new level.

With Advanced Custom Branding, you can now add sender information, custom-styled calls-to-action, and links to every major social media platform directly on your branded emails & tracking pages


Upgraded Emails

Speaking of emails, we know how important keeping a constant line of communication can be for the customer experience. That’s why with Advanced Custom Branding we have taken ClickShip’s automated email functionality and kicked it up a level!

ClickShip users who choose to use Advanced Custom Branding will now have the option to send out custom-branded, automated emails for every step of their customer’s shipping journey; upon your receipt of their order, once the order has been shipped, once it has been delivered, and even in the event of a shipping delay!

You have the ability to completely customize your messaging, from the subject line to the body text. Each email will also list the items in your customer’s order and will include a call-to-action that lets your customer track their shipment.

Which, in turn, brings us to the final exciting function of this new feature…


Custom Branded Tracking

Accurate, reliable tracking has become an essential part of the customer experience, so much so that 62% of customers consider it essential! With Advanced Custom Branding, you can now take the feeling of trust that a customer gets with shipment tracking and tie it directly to your brand!

Your custom branded tracking page will offer real-time updates from the carrier, as well as the option for you to add information such as product prices, images, and even the carrier logo. To make sure your brand stands out, this tracking page can also include your brand logo, website, and social links. You can even add quick links at the top of the page to help boost customer engagement and retention!


Keep your customers up to date with Advanced Custom Branding


Advanced Custom Branding FAQs

Is There a Charge for Advanced Custom Branding?

While basic custom branding will remain available for all ClickShip users, Advanced Custom Branding is a premium add-on.


I Sell my Products on Multiple Stores and Marketplaces, Can I Customize Each One Separately?

Yes! Following your initial Advanced Custom Branding setup, you will have the option to enable the functionality for each of your integrated stores independently.*


I Cancelled my Advanced Custom Branding but would Like to Add It Back. Will I Need to Repeat Setup?

Not at all! As long as your ClickShip account and integrated marketplaces are active, your Advanced Custom Branding settings are saved!


Upgrade Your Customer Experience Today!

Are you ready to see what Advanced Custom Branding can do for your brand? Simply log into your ClickShip account, head to the Custom Branding tab under “Settings” and click on the Advanced Custom Branding link!

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*Please note that Advanced Custom Branding is not available for Amazon Marketplace.

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