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Streamline Your Shipping Operations

Ship Up to 100 Orders at Once

Save time when shipping large quantities. Select up to 100 individual orders and fulfill them all in just a few clicks.

ClickShip Bulk Shipping generates rates automatically for the orders in your batch. Choose from the lowest rates, the fastest shipping service, or a specific carrier or bulk shipping service of your choice.

Your shipping labels generate and print automatically, putting hours back into your day and money back into your pocket.

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How to Use Bulk Shipping Services


Faster Fulfillment in Just a Few Clicks


100 Orders at Once, Thousands of Possibilities

Bulk Shipping is not only a powerful fulfillment feature on ClickShip, it is just one of the many features in the robust in-platform eCommerce fulfillment toolkit included with your free ClickShip account.


Ready to Try ClickShip?

Are you ready for an eCommerce shipping management platform built from the ground up to make your fulfillment as fast, easy, and affordable as possible?

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated Customer Support
No Credit Card Required.
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Customer Testimonials

“I am super happy using them for shipping across Canada.”

These guys have great rates and pick up packages for free. I am super happy using them for shipping across Canada. Their customer service is great as well.

Rusty Design
“I love this app, it makes shipping very very easy. ”

I love this app, it makes shipping very very easy. It shows you all the comparable rates with different shipping companies & you can choose the best one suitable for you and your customer. 10/10

“They’ve improved our shipping in so many ways!”

I have used other apps, and while they do work, the ones I tried did not all integrate well, which was a hassle. Those apps were also pretty expensive. ClickShip is free and integrates smoothly with my storefront, and the actual price charged was the rate quoted to my customer. I like it!