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The ClickShip Story


A Shipping Solution Built for eCommerce Professionals

Introducing ClickShip, the meticulously crafted online shipping platform that simplifies shipping for small businesses and eCommerce entrepreneurs. Gain access to discounted shipping rates from all the top carriers, all in one place. Choose the ideal shipping option based on delivery time, cost, and service level. Enjoy features like easy label creation, real-time tracking, and centralized shipment management. Seamlessly integrate with the most popular eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces.

ClickShip saves you time, money, and offers a user-friendly experience that lets you simplify your shipping, and focus on your growth.

We Champion the Entrepreneurial Spirit

When we started ClickShip, we knew that trying to make a name for ourselves was going to be a challenge.

We also knew that there were countless others like us; people with the dream of carving out a place for themselves among the giants of their industries. We knew those were the people we were building ClickShip for.

We're not so far removed from who we were when ClickShip started, and that's why our goal has been, and always will be, to make the best tools and resources more available to the people who need them. For dreamers like you.

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A Product of Freightcom

ClickShip is a proud sister company of Freightcom, Canada's premier shipping management platform for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

With over ten years in the shipping industry and decades of combined logistics and technology experience among the senior staff, Freightcom has been a key partner in helping ClickShip realize its true potential, and in bringing ClickShip to more businesses across North America.


Innovation Over the Years


Quotes from Leadership

"It's easy to see that eCommerce has quickly become a major part of operating any business. With the eCommerce space constantly changing, even managing the shipping aspect of it can be a full-time job that many small business owners simply aren't able to address on their own.

With ClickShip we know we're offering businesses more than just a shipping platform, more than just better rates. We're offering expertise. We're not just a piece of software, but a partner who's there to help small businesses reach their full potential."

Aditya Prakhar

Director of Growth, ClickShip