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Use ClickShip for Any Sales Channels You Have!

Don't see a storefront or marketplace in our integrations? No problem! With simple CSV order imports, you can get ClickShip's discounted shipping rates on all your sales channels.

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
No Credit Card Required.
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Import and Ship Your Orders in 3 Easy Steps


1. Fill Out Your CSV with Order Information

Download the CSV template provided on ClickShip’s Import Orders menu and fill in alll the necessary information.


2. Upload Your CSV Into ClickShip

Save your file, select Import Orders from the options on our Orders page, and upload your CSV.


3. Start Fulfilling Orders

Quote, book, and track shipments for your uploaded orders just as easily as you can with orders through ClickShip’s integrations.

No Credit Card Required.

Want to See CSV Order Imports in Action?

Ready to Try ClickShip?

Are you ready to tap into better shipping rates, more streamlined fulfillment, and a better customer experience across all your sales channels?

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated Customer Support
No Credit Card Required.
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Customer Testimonials

T-Dot Wheels
“The app gives me access to super affordable shipping rates”

“It has been a most wonderful and pleasant experience with ClickShip! Best service so far, fast shipping, beautiful rates I’m sticking with them! That’s for sure!"

“Saving on shipping directly affects my bottom line.”

“ I usually do not leave reviews for apps but I just had to with this one. As a super small business, every dollar counts for your bottom line and my biggest expense is shipping costs.

The amount of money I am saving with this app is honestly unreal.”

“ClickShip has been super easy to work with.”

ClickShip has been super easy to work with. The interface is clear and concise. We were working with another 3rd party shipper previously but are really happy we made the switch!