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A Colourful Way to Keep Orders on Track

Never Lose Track of Your Orders or Inventory

ClickShip’s custom shipping tags offer a dynamic solution that adapts to your evolving business needs. They enhance visibility into your inventory, making it easier to track, manage, and ship products accurately.

This results in fewer errors, improved customer satisfaction, and the ability to identify and rectify shrinkage swiftly.

In short, ClickShip’s custom shipping tags provide an invaluable resource to boost the efficiency, reliability, and overall success of your eCommerce brand.

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A Simple Tool with Endless Possibilities

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Faster high-volume fulfillment by ClickShip
Better shipping experience for your customers

Customization and Scalability

The colour and content of your custom shipping tags are fully customizable, and with no limit to how many tags you can add, you can keep your orders organized in a way that works for you.

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Organize Inventory and Orders

Custom tags can be added to both products listed on your ClickShip- integrated storefronts and on orders placed by customers, so you stay on-track throughout fulfillment.

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Automatic Tagging with Products

Never worry about losing track of product tags within your orders. Your tags populate automatically whenever a customer places an order, making your fulfillment faster and more organized.

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Easy Tag Management

Whether you’re updating your inventory, adjusting your shipping strategy, or reorganizing your backend, managing your custom shipping tags only takes a few clicks.

Fast, Easy, Scalable Order Management

Inventory and order management is a huge undertaking for eCommerce businesses of any size. Errors and oversights can happen quickly and result in everything from lost sales and dissatisfied customers to unaccounted shrinkage.

With a tool as simple as ClickShip’s custom shipping tags, you and your team have an infinitely scalable tool to help keep your business organized at any size.

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Create A Colour-Coded Order Management System


Use Tags with Advanced Shipping Rules for Faster Fulfillment

Are you shipping this product on a pallet? Make sure it’s packaged appropriately.

This order is traveling a long distance. Be sure to add insurance on it.

Please note this product is configured for OneSKU, Multi-Box. It contains 16 items shipping in 6 boxes.

ClickShip’s Advanced Shipping Rules functionality can take the tags that you’ve assigned to your orders and inventory and use them as parameters to automate your order fulfillment.

With no limit to the number of tags you can apply or shipping rules you can set, the possibilities are endless!


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Customer Testimonials

“ClickShip has been super easy to work with.”

ClickShip has been super easy to work with. The interface is clear and concise. We were working with another 3rd party shipper previously but are really happy we made the switch!

Cara Keepsakes
“ClickShip has made buying shipping labels so easy!”

I use this app to ship all across the US. Using ClickShip has made buying shipping labels so easy! Being able to call ClickShip and speak to someone directly is invaluable! Definitely recommend ClickShip!

Clean Kiss
“I love how easy it is to ship our orders now.”

“I have been using ClickShip for many months now and I love how easy it is to ship our orders now. I can find the best rates, and also schedule manual shipments when needed.”