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Your Sales Strategy Will be Multi-Channel. Your Shipping Strategy Doesn’t Have to Be.


Trusted Carriers

We partner with dozens of the best parcel and LTL carriers in the industry to offer you variety, reliability, and peace of mind!


Order Fulfillment as Package or Pallet

Offer unbeatable shipping on your storefronts and marketplaces for products of all shapes and sizes!


Customized Branding

Custom packing slips, labels, emails, and more keep you in your customers’ minds from start to finish!

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Consolidated Product Management

Our intuitive products dashboard keeps your inventory across all your sales channels organized and easy to manage!

Access These Features and More When You Integrate Your Storefronts

We integrate seamlessly with eCommerce marketplaces and platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce), Lightspeed, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart Marketplace, and Best Buy!

No Credit Card Required.

Ready to Try ClickShip?

Discover the ease of having your entire multichannel eCommerce network integrated into the most intuitive eCommerce shipping platform on the market!

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated Customer Support
No Credit Card Required.
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Customer Testimonials

“This app is so indispensable for Canadian sellers.”

“This app is so indispensable for Canadian sellers. They offer very good prices on shipments with all major companies. It also shows the shipping rates at checkout, that's so important. And we can import orders from many platforms. Shipments are now easier and faster”

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“This app is so indispensable for Canadian sellers.”

“This app has improved our shipping costs to customers 100%. To be able to have LTL loads with live costs is amazing.”

“This app is so indispensable for Canadian sellers.”

“I have used other apps, and while they do work, the ones I tried did not all integrate well, which was a hassle. Those apps were also pretty expensive. ClickShip is free and integrates smoothly with my storefront, and the actual price charged was the rate quoted to my customer. I like it!”