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Canada’s Leading Etsy Shipping Integration

Connect your Etsy store to ClickShip for real-time discounted shipping rates and so much more.

No Credit Card Required.

Reduce Your Etsy Shipping Costs with ClickShip

Integrate your Etsy store with ClickShip and see what makes it the leading Etsy shipping integration on the market. Streamline your shipping with integrated carrier support for faster deliveries, optimized shipping workflows, and so much more.

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated Customer Support
No Credit Card Required.
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Connecting Your Etsy Store with ClickShip is Easy


Connect Your Etsy Store

Log in to your Etsy account and use the store name on your profile page to connect your store.


Sync Your Orders and Products Automatically

Your Etsy store’s orders and products get updated automatically as you fulfill orders on ClickShip, no jumping between platforms.


Streamlined Shipping Means Faster Deliveries

Reduce the time between purchase and fulfillment and maximize conversion rates with bulk shipping, smart packaging optimization, and more.

Additional Features with ClickShip


ClickShip is Your Etsy Shipping Partner


Custom Branding

Easy-to-use custom branding for shipping documents, emails, tracking pages, and more.


Smart Packaging Solution

Get faster fulfillment and more accurate discounted courier shipping rates with automated packaging presets.


Shipping Rules

Take advantage of shipping automation in your fulfillment process with shipping and fulfillment presets that save you time and money.


Manage Product Details In-Platform

Keep your product details up-to-date all from within our Etsy shipping platform.


Internal Order Notes

Stay organized and get every order fulfilled correctly down to the smallest detail.


Automatically Fulfill Imported Orders

ClickShip’s Etsy shipping integration starts working on your customers’ orders the moment you integrate your marketplace.

Ready to Try ClickShip?

Are you ready to try the leading Etsy shipping platform and experience better shipping, better fulfillment, and the best in shipping automation for Etsy sellers? 

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated Customer Support
No Credit Card Required.
Customer Dashboard
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Customer Testimonials

“Saving on shipping directly affects my bottom line.”

“ I usually do not leave reviews for apps but I just had to with this one. As a super small business, every dollar counts for your bottom line and my biggest expense is shipping costs.

The amount of money I am saving with this app is honestly unreal.”

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“The app gives me access to super affordable shipping rates”

“The app gives me access to super affordable shipping rates that I would have never otherwise had. I can ship to the US from Canada and offer rates lower than what stores in the US even offer.

Website is well made and is often being updated.”

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“We’ve saved so much money using ClickShip’s rates.”

ClickShip has been a major game changer! I would definitely recommend it to any small business!