Better E-Commerce Shipping. It’s That Simple.

Create a convenient shopping experience for your customers, get the best shipping rates, and eliminate multiple platforms when managing your shipping operations

Exclusive Shipping Rates

ClickShip customers get exclusive access to discounted shipping rates across a selection of top tier couriers. Compare. Select. Save!

Customize Shipping Rates

With ClickShip you can load your own carrier rates, add custom branding elements, and add your own handling fees on top of real-time shipping rates.

Shipping Management System

ClickShip provides all the tools you need to streamline your entire shipping process and optimize order fulfillment to save valuable time and money. It’s convenient, integrated, and easy to manage!

AI – Smart Box Calculator

Save time and packaging costs by selecting the right sized box for each shipment. Our interactive Smart-Box Algorithm can display optimized real-time shipping rates at customer checkout!

Carrier Options

It’s all about choice. ClickShip gives you access to discounted rates from top-tier carriers such as UPS, Purolator, Canpar, DHL, Dicom, and FedEx.

Marketplace Options

The ClickShip E-Commerce app easily integrates with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce. We’re ready to connect with your online store!

Schedule Pickups

Stay organized and manage your shipping process with scheduled pickups. You’re in control of the pickup times. Shipping made convenient!

Split Orders

When it’s necessary to split orders, the ClickShip app is fully supportive of flexible customized order fulfillment.

Track Your Order

How important is order tracking to you and your customers? It’s crucial for sure! ClickShip keeps you on top of the process, 24x7 – keeping your customers happy.

Generate Shipping Label

It’s basic. It’s so easy! ClickShip generates shipping labels for your order fulfillment process in one easy step.

Address Validation

Let’s reduce costly shipping errors. It’s our mission. ClickShip will help capture errors early in the process with automatic address validation.

Real Time Rates

ClickShip carrier shipping rates are live, real-time rates – ensuring you get up to the minute pricing 24x7. No outdated prices – just live, real rates, every time you ship.

Get the E-Commerce Shipping Solution That Delivers!

Let’s go! Sign-Up for ClickShip today and experience our game-changing E-Commerce shipping solution. Packed with features that will make your shipping process easier, ClickShip is built for online stores like yours.

Get the E-Commerce Shipping Solution That Delivers!