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Accelerate Your Growth with ClickShip’s Lightspeed Shipping Integration

Integrate your Lightspeed store with ClickShip and accelerate your eCommerce growth faster, for less.

No Credit Card Required.
: Lightspeed shipping integration for eCommerce stores

Improve the Shipping Efficiency of Your Lightspeed Store with ClickShip

Whether you’re fulfilling orders for pallet, parcel, pak, or letter shipping, fulfill your eCommerce orders with speed and confidence and optimize your shipping workflows with the leading Lightspeed shipping integration

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated Customer Support
No Credit Card Required.
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Integrate and Accelerate Your eCommerce Growth


Connect ClickShip to Your Lightspeed Store

Log in to your ClickShip account and connect your Lightspeed store by adding your store details in the Marketplaces tab.


Automatic Orders and Products Sync

ClickShip automatically syncs with your Lightspeed product listings as you fulfill your eCommerce shipping.  


Book, Print, and Track!

Choose from multiple carriers and shipping methods easily and quickly, optimize your workflow, and start maximizing conversion rates!

Additional ClickShip Features for Lightspeed Users


Automate Your Lightspeed Order Fulfillment

: Automatically fulfill Lightspeed imported orders

Automatically Fulfill Imported Orders

ClickShip starts working on your Lightspeed customers’ orders the moment you integrate your marketplace.

Assign custom boxes to Lightspeed’s orders

Assign Custom Boxes to Products

Get better, more accurate shipping rates faster on products of all shapes and sizes.

Bundle multiple Lightspeed’s orders in one shipment

Combine and Split Orders

Bundle multiple orders in one shipment or stagger one order across multiple shipments easily.

Multi-location Lightspeed’s order fulfillment

Ship-From Locations Page

Keep your multi-location order fulfillment easily organized and more manageable.

OnePrint bulk label printing feature with ClickShip platform

OnePrint Bulk Printing

Save up to 60 seconds per order on fulfillment time with automated shipping label printing and get your products ready to ship faster.


Manage Product Details In-Platform

Keep your product details up-to-date all from within the ClickShip platform.

Ready to Try ClickShip?

 Are you ready to try the most complete Lightspeed shipping solution for small businesses?

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
  • No startup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Dedicated Customer Support
No Credit Card Required.
Customer Dashboard
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Customer Testimonials

The Urban Botanist
“This app is incredible.”

This app is incredible. What’s more incredible is the customer service. I cannot say enough about the team working behind ClickShip. This app has simplified and streamlined my shipping needs and ultimately made my business more successful! Love the app!

T-Dot Wheels
“The app gives me access to super affordable shipping rates”

“It has been a most wonderful and pleasant experience with ClickShip! Best service so far, fast shipping, beautiful rates I’m sticking with them! That’s for sure!"

Cocoa40 Inc Logo
“We’ve saved so much money using ClickShip’s rates.”

ClickShip has been a major game changer! I would definitely recommend it to any small business!