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What is OneSKU Multi-Box?

A Revolutionary ClickShip-Exclusive Fulfillment Tool

If you offer large goods that require you to ship multiple packages, you know that affordable shipping rates can be hard to come by. Our revolutionary OneSKU Multi-Box feature lets you split these products into multiple boxes rated individually.

Rating multi-package items as individual boxes instead of a whole means more accurate, more affordable rates for you and your customers. Your customers get instant, real-time rates based on this, instead of a single heavy box or pallet.

No Credit Card Required.

OneSKU Multi-Box Makes Shipping Multiple Packages a Breeze

OneSKU Multi Box offers real-time rates, preventing cart abandonment

Take the Guesswork and High Rates Out of Your Multi-Box Orders!


One of Many Fulfillment Tools

OneSKU Multi-box is just one of ClickShip’s entire suite of eCommerce fulfillment tools that you can use together to optimize your shipping.

Tag the multi-box items in your inventory to stay organized, use our Advanced Shipping Rules to automatically add insurance to them or set a flat rate at your checkout, and so much more. With Clickship the possibilities are endless!


Ready to Try ClickShip?

Are you ready for better rates, easier fulfillment, and higher conversions on your big-ticket e-commerce products?

  • Unlimited storefront integrations
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Customer Testimonials

“I love this app, it makes shipping very very easy. ”

ClickShip saved us so many headaches. The rates are unbeatable and save us thousands of dollars each month. Shipping big products and pallets with rates so low it’s mind-blowing!

“Streamlined and very competitive!”

“Clickship was recommended to us from other business. It has helped us streamline our shipping and the rates are very competitive.

Getting setup was extremely simple and the customer service has been wonderful.”

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“WOW! Seriously some amazing shipping rates”

“WOW! Seriously some amazing shipping rates, we never thought we could offer services like this at affordable rates to our customers.”

The interface is very user friendly and customer service has been fantastic!