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No matter what type of online business you have running, we have a ClickShip plan that will be right for you. Add functionality and options at anytime by upgrading your subscription plan.

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Credit Cards



CAD / month
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Unlimited Labels using
My ClickShip Rates

Access to Exclusive Discounted Rates
UPS, Purolator, Canpar, Dicom, Fedex

Load your own Carrier Rates (Label Fee $0.05 / Label)
UPS, Canpar, Canada Post

Ship Order

Schedule Pickup

Pickup Management

Print Shipping Labels

Print Packing Slips

Print Return Labels

Customs Invoice for International Shipping

Smart-Box Algorithm for Optimal Packing and Rating


Unlimited Marketplace Integration

Automatically Send Tracking Numbers via Email

AutoFulfill Orders

Real Time Rates at Checkout

Address Validation ($.10 Per Address Validated)

Split Order

Cancel Order

Batch Printing

Marketplace Specific Alerts

Direct Product Import

Batch Orders Import

Product Variance Support

Multiple Users


Product Performance Dashboard

Sales Velocity Indicators

Inventory Status

Custom Branding

Accounting & ERP Integration


24/7 Knowledgebase

Phone Support

Email Support

Live Chat



CAD / month
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No Contract Needed

There is no contract or any obligation when you signup to ClickShip. If you want to cancel your plan, a cancellation request will go into effect at the end of the current billing cycle. No questions. No worries!

Switch Plans at Anytime

You can upgrade or downgrade your ClickShip plan at any time. When you change plans, your new plan will take effect immediately, so you can enjoy additional features right away. The additional cost of a higher plan is pro-rated on the remaining days in your billing cycle.

Can I change my plan at any time?

You can upgrade your account at any time from your Settings. The additional cost of a higher plan is billed pro-rata based on the remaining days in your billing cycle. Downgrades go into effect at the end of the current billing period (eg. you get the benefits of the higher volume threshold until the next monthly cycle begins).

When will I be charged?

Subscription plans are charged monthly. Plans which are changed mid-cycle will be prorated. Shipments which are booked using My ClickShip Rates will be billed on a shipment by shipment basis.

Do you need my credit card at sign up?

ClickShip does not require a credit card at signup but a credit card is required to begin shipping. If you are using ClickShip’s exclusive discounted shipping rates then you will be invoiced for shipment charges and your subscription, shipping labels are free. If you are loading your own carrier rates, then you will be invoiced for shipping labels and subscription charges. Your shipment charges will be invoiced directly via your carrier, per usual.

I live within Canada, can I use Clickship?

Yes! All Orders can be shipped domestically and internationally, as long as they originate in Canada, whether you use ClickShip’s exclusive discounted rates or not.  

I live within the USA, can I use Clickship?

If you live within the United States you are still able to use ClickShip. If you use ClickShip’s exclusive discounted rates you will be able to ship from the US to Canada but currently not within the United States domestically. If you have loaded your own carrier rates, there are no restrictions placed by ClickShip, all orders can be shipped domestically and internationally. ClickShip domestic US pricing will be coming soon!

What happens if I go over my subscription plan limits?

If you reach your subscription limit, or if you try to enable functionality not covered under your current plan, ClickShip will prompt you to upgrade to the next subscription level, which will take effect immediately.

What is the fee to integrate multiple marketplaces?

Absolutely nothing! ClickShip wants to ease the burden of running multiple e-commerce stores. We do not believe in charging customers to add marketplaces. Our goal is to help you grow!

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