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ClickShip Success Stories from eCommerce Professionals Like You

Luther Lather Shaving Creamery

Luther Lather Shaving Creamery

It was a seamless experience. I was not only getting more orders online because there was no dropped shipments at checkout, but I was actually seeing a lot of my customer base expand. I feel I can compete on a bigger stage, and ClickShip makes me competitive as an online option.

The founder of Luther Lather Shaving Creamery, Olin Penna, aims to bring back the swagger and art of the traditional wet shave with his all-in-one cream.”

He shares his business' journey while discussing the challenge most eCommerce businesses face in finding affordable and competitive shipping rates; and why he recommends ClickShip!

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The Heritage Bee Company

The Heritage Bee Company

Watch Jeff Chalmers explain how ClickShip is helping the Heritage Bee Company save on shipping and grow their 100% Ontario wildflower honey business.

He shares his business' journey while discussing the challenge most eCommerce businesses face in finding affordable and competitive shipping rates; and why he recommends ClickShip!

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Red Bear Outdoors

Red Bear Outdoors

Red Bear Outdoors started with the goal of making camping and outdoor wilderness exploration accessible and affordable, offering top-of-the-line equipment from top brands to Canadians from coast-to-coast.

To accomplish this, they needed strong eCommerce, and strong eCommerce shipping. ClickShip provided them with the rates and the infrastructure to be a driving force in their industry.

“The app is seamless and always has our list of orders ready to go on ClickShip, ready for fulfillment. The information comes across accurately and the app also makes it simple to close out the order with tracking information. The preview of the order in-app helps a lot with quick reviews!”

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Norm and Lenore

Norm and Lenore

Chris and Trent opened Norm & Lenore not only because of their love of Chocolates and Treats, but to also offer handmade high quality, affordable treats to everyone, whether for yourself or as a special gift for a friend or loved one.

As small business owners in a competitive market, they knew that a solid eCommerce strategy was essential, and ClickShip was happy to play a key role in that.

“The app itself makes shipping super easy. It is integrated into our online store, and the orders and addresses are connected so no need to reenter. It's super easy to use, and the best part is the rates are reasonable.

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Baby Bunny Co.

Baby Bunny Co.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Baby Bunny co. offers high-quality, handcrafted clothing and accessories for children from newborn to 24 months.

As an online baby boutique, having a watertight eCommerce-centric shipping platform is a must. By the sounds of it, ClickShip is exactly what they were looking for.

“Attention Small Business owners! If you do not work with Clickship, YOU MUST! My Account Executive is possibly the most patient, kind and helpful in this industry. Not only does ClickShip operate with care, they get the job done and are always here to support me. I am beyond grateful."

ClickShip is beyond grateful that we can help small businesses like yours.

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Automotive Accessories

Shuttle Rack

We’ve been using ClickShip to get our heavy products (bike racks, so lots of steel) into customer hands for over two years. With their plugin, our customers get the best rates from our shipping carriers, and we have a complete shipping solution that adds the prices onto the sales at checkout.

Based on the size, weight, and number of boxes this plugin will give your customers the current pricing for shipping their purchases. Their support is outstanding, and I HIGHLY recommend this plugin for your website. 

Health and Beauty

Buck Naked Soap Company

I am so happy we added this app to our site. Their rates are amazing and their consumer services are outstanding. I'm also extremely happy that they offer both Canadian and US shipping carriers. We are Canadian based and have many Canadian customers, but also have a large US clientele.

Using ClickShip allows our customers the opportunity to choose based on shipping need, speed of delivery, cost of delivery, carrier, etc... The best app we've found.

Beach Accessories

Suniela Beach

I've been using ClickShip for a few years and I absolutely love it. I love how order details from my storefronts are imported automatically, and I can save my package dimensions to auto-populate for each SKU.

It's super easy and great pricing! One click of a button and the label is purchased, the order is automatically fulfilled with tracking in the appropriate Marketplace, and customer service is really great too. Highly recommend!!

Promotional Services

Air Dancers

Clickship is a great shipping app that has made my shipping so much easier and helped my business tremendously.

Firstly, I get live rates from ClickShip for various carriers on my website so customers can pay the exact amount and I am neither overcharging or undercharging customers by using manual shipping rates.


Royal Dubai Jewellers

ClickShip provides reliable and efficient shipping options for my ecommerce store. Their online app is simple to use and to navigate.

I highly recommend anyone looking for a better shipping option to try using this company.



ClickShip is a good shipping app that has made my shipping experience easier and more efficient.

It’s user-friendly and cost efficient, offering a transparent breakdown of shipping costs.


Vortex Powerfans

It is a great app and great rates. Makes it easier for me to ship my online orders.

No need to rewrite all the clients info and in a click everything is done.

Outdoor Power Tools

Pressure Washers Online

This ClickShip app is very easy to use and the customer service is second to none.

They are prompt and smart and anytime I had any questions my account manager personally reached out and contacted me with solutions and answers.

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