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Ship Smarter, Not Harder: Key Features of ClickShip’s Smart Packaging

Everything about the ClickShip platform is designed to make the life of an eCommerce business owner easier. We know that oftentimes fulfilling orders in a timely manner can be a pain point for eCommerce shippers, especially if your business is growing rapidly. This was the core concern on our minds when we designed ClickShip’s Smart Packaging.

Smart Packaging is one of the many features that has helped ClickShip become the shipping platform of choice for hundreds of eCommerce entrepreneurs across Canada, and today we wanted to share a better look at what exactly Smart Packaging is, how it works, and why it makes running your business so much easier.


What is Smart Packaging?

To understand smart packaging, it’s important to understand the importance of packaging dimensions in shipping.

Anyone who has shipped parcels, paks, or envelopes knows that the two major factors that determine a shipping price are an items weight and its dimensions. This means that, when pricing out shipping rates for your products, these two variables must be accounted for.

If you ship a wide range of products, this can mean guesswork, resulting in potential fulfillment errors, more time spent fulfilling orders, and less time spent managing your business.

With ClickShip’s Smart Packaging, orders placed on your website are automatically matched with the appropriate packaging right on ClickShip, saving you time and money, and getting your customers’ orders fulfilled faster.


How does Smart Packaging Work?


In short, Smart Packaging matches your products to the boxes that best suit them in real time. This requires some preliminary setup on the user’s end: firstly, when adding your products to your ClickShip account, be sure to add the weight and dimension of products that aren’t automatically synched. Second, in the Boxes and Pallets tab, add the boxes you will be using for your shipping, including the dimensions and maximum weight capacity. Be sure to select “Use for Smart Packaging” when doing so.

From there, we take care of the rest! Our Smart Packaging algorithm determines which packages to use for your customers’ carts based on the information you have provided, and ensures that they are offered the fastest, lowest, most accurate rates available!

Further, when you are notified of the order, you are given the relevant information on what packaging was selected, eliminating guesswork on your end and letting you fulfill your orders faster.


Sync SKUs to their existing packaging dimensions for quick, accurate rates!


Common Questions about Smart Packaging

Q: Does the Smart Packaging feature cost extra?
A: Not at all! Smart Packaging is a built-in feature for all ClickShip users.

Q: How many boxes can I add?
A: There is no limit to the number of boxes you can add to Smart Packaging.

Q: How does Smart Packaging manage multiple box orders?
A: If an order requires multiple boxes, Smart Packaging will automatically find a solution that uses the fewest boxes possible.

Q: Are there any restrictions on which platforms or marketplaces can use Smart Packaging?
A: Smart Packaging is compatible with all platforms and marketplaces that integrate with ClickShip.

Q: Can I import a list of boxes into ClickShip?
A: You can import an Excel file to edit your existing boxes, but you must add new boxes directly in the ClickShip app.


Some platforms don’t require dimensions on listings; be sure to add them when importing listings into ClickShip!


ClickShip is the Smartest Way to Ship

While Smart Packaging is a great tool for saving you time and money on your shipping, it’s just one of the many features that make ClickShip the premiere eCommerce shipping solution!

ClickShip’s all-in-one, multimode shipping platform gives you the power to offer real-time rates on LTL and parcel shipping directly at checkout, and the ability to choose from North America’s leading carriers, all in one place, and all with zero startup or monthly fees!

Contact one of our shipping experts Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST at
1-877-335-8740 or by email at customercare@ClickShip.com and see all the tools that ClickShip has to help your eCommerce business ship smarter!

Learn how ClickShip can help speed up your fulfillment process with our innovative, all-in-one shipping solution.

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