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Past News and Updates

Introducing CSV Order Imports on ClickShip!
Feb 9, 2023

We know that it’s integral for your multi-channel sales strategy to be a diverse as possible. Sometimes this may mean using a platform or marketplace where ClickShip doesn’t yet offer an integration, which is why we are thrilled to offer our new order import functionality!

Introducing ClickShip Tag Management!
Feb 2, 2023

ClickShip started 2022 with the release of some major feature upgrades to the ClickShip system. In keeping with the spirit of helping eCommerce businesses start their year off right, we’ve got an amazing new feature arriving on the ClickShip platform: ClickShip’s tag management!

Introducing OnePrint for ClickShip!
Jan 27, 2023

Introducing OnePrint for ClickShip, a revolutionary feature that can help you shave up to 60 seconds off the processing time on every single order you ship! For anyone who processes multiple shipments in a day, you can see just how quickly those numbers can add up.


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