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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the most commonly asked questions regarding our product plans.

Subscription and Billing

What will be charged on my credit card?

Firstly, please note that you do not need to input your credit card information at sign up. However, if you'd like to start shipping and take benefit of ClickShip's discounted rates you must enter your credit card information.

How you are billed depends on the type of plan you have signed for. There are three main tiers of ClickShip, the free ClickShip Small Business Plan, the Paid Plan and the Enterprise Plan. Please refer to our pricing page for a detailed breakdown of the various plan options.


What will you be charged for on the Small Business plan?

With the Small Business Plan, you will only be charged for address validation and shipping fees for any orders booked using ClickShip's discounted rates. All shipping labels associated with the carrier rates provided by ClickShip are free of charge.


What will you be charged for in the Paid Plans?

You are firstly charged the same address validation and shipping fees. However, with the Paid Plan (which comes with additional features), you are opting to add your own carrier contracts. Thus, you are paying for each label that you book with your own carrier rates. How much you are charged depends on how many orders you have booked as you are billed on a per label basis. For more details, please visit our pricing page.


What will you be charged for on the Enterprise?

Please contact us so we can gather your specifications and provide you with a custom quote!

What happens if I go over the label count on my paid plan?

If you exceed the amount of labels or try to enable features that are not included in your current plan, ClickShip will prompt you to upgrade to the next available plan option.

Can I change my plan at any time?

You can upgrade your account at any time from your Settings. The additional cost of a higher plan is billed pro-rata based on the remaining days in your billing cycle. Downgrades go into effect at the end of the current billing period (i.e. you get the benefits of the higher volume threshold until the next monthly cycle begins).

Can I downgrade my plan?

Yes. Downgrades go into effect at the end of the current billing period (i.e. you get the benefits of the higher volume threshold until the next monthly cycle begins).

Shipping and Rates

How do I enable ClickShip carriers?

On the ClickShip Dashboard, click on Discounted Shipping Rates and enable the carriers that you would like to use.

What is the Smart Packaging solutions and how does it work?

Save time and packaging costs by easily determining the correct sized box for each shipment. Using AI technology, our interactive Smart Packaging solution calculates the ideal box size you need for your shipment and displays real-time shipping rates without the hassle of figuring out shipment packaging. To use the Smart Packaging calculator effectively, ensure you have the dimensions and weights of your products entered on your Products page.

How do I enable Real-Time Rates?

Once you have integrated your marketplace on ClickShip, you can then proceed to enable Real-Time Rates for your store's checkout. Under your Store Settings, click on the edit icon for the store you want to apply real-time rates to and select the toggle.

Can I add my own carrier contract?

Yes, you can add your own carrier contracts and book all your orders on the ClickShip platform. The current carrier integration available is Canada Post.

How can I integrate my marketplace and import my products?

During the sign-up process, you can import products with Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento 2. You can also import products through Marketplaces and clicking on Add New Marketplace on the dashboard.

I have a Shopify store but I am not able to display real-time shipping rates at checkout.

Please note if you are on the Basic Shopify or Shopify plan and pay monthly, you will need to contact Shopify to add Real-Time Calculated Shipping (RTCS) to your store. Shopify charges $20 per month for this option and requires this in order to allow apps like ClickShip to work with your store and to maximize your use of the available features. If you are on the Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plans or if you pay annually, Real-Time Calculated Shipping is included with your Shopify subscription at no additional cost.

Are there any items that are prohibited when shipping?

Please click here to see prohibitive items.


Can I use ClickShip if I live in Canada?

Yes! ClickShip is proudly a Canadian company and supports orders for both domestic and international shipments, as long as they originate in Canada.

Can I use ClickShip if I live in the United States?

Yes, you are able to use ClickShip if you live within the United States. If you use ClickShip’s exclusive discounted rates you will be able to ship from the US to Canada but currently not within the United States domestically. If you have loaded your own carrier rates, there are no restrictions placed by ClickShip, all orders can be shipped domestically and internationally.

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