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Smart Packaging for eCommerce

Pick the Right Box for Every Order

Our Smart Packaging Solution uses packing optimization algorithms to automatically match orders with custom packing solutions best suited to the order’s total weight and dimensions.

Smart Packaging Solution eliminates the guesswork that comes from finding the right packaging for large or complex orders, letting you get your products shipped faster.

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Smart Packaging Makes for Smarter Fulfillment

Simulate Your Customer’s Rates at Checkout
Preview smart packaging presets before going live
Identify and fix fulfillment issues before or after live updates

You Save on Time, Your Customers Save on Shipping


Smart Packaging Optimizer: A Revolutionary Rate Optimization Tool

ClickShip’s Smart Packaging Optimizer can help you pick the best packaging dimensions for your orders every time, but when it comes to eCommerce shipping, what you ship is only half the story. You want to ensure that your orders are getting the best rates, too.

Our revolutionary Smart Packaging Optimizer takes the Smart Packaging presets you create and uses a test environment to show you how they will affect your real-time rates, so you can be confident that your customers are getting their orders in the best packaging, at the best price possible.


Ready to Try ClickShip?

Are you ready to optimize your shipping and fulfillment with the most comprehensive eCommerce shipping platform on the market?

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Customer Testimonials

Rusty Design
“I love this app, it makes shipping very very easy. ”

I love this app, it makes shipping very very easy. It shows you all the comparable rates with different shipping companies & you can choose the best one suitable for you and your customer. 10/10

dotmar logo
“I highly recommend this app.”

“This app has improved our shipping costs to the customers 100%. To be able to have LTL loads with live cost is amazing.“

Grand Videoke
“This app is so indispensable for Canadian sellers.”

Great app! It was able to integrate my Shopify dashboard and my 3PL really well. If you're growing your e-commerce store, I'd highly recommend you use ClickShip.